Over 100 standard Robots in only 8 weeks!

Codian Robotics is known for their status as the Leading innovator of Pick & Place robots. This results in a wide portfolio of configurations. Details can be found here online. We understand that due to the extended chose, it is nice to be helped to determine the best possible solution for your application. We are happy to help.

There is an increase in demand for industrial automation and we are aware delivery time is extending in our line of business. As we value you as our customer, we keep our delivery time at 8 weeks. Please contact us at Sales@Codian-Robotics.com for your questions and delivery time.

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Dear valued customer,

Over the years, to ensure stability for your planning and pricing, we have absorbed most material cost fluctuations. With the current scale of increases in the raw materials, packaging, and logistics, however, we are unable to offset the cost burden through efficiency gains alone. We therefore will increase the list prices of our robots as per 1st of June 2022.

Current offers will of course remain valid for the duration stated on the offer.

Please contact your account manager within Codian Robotics to inform what the alteration to the list prices will mean for you.

Kindest Regards,
Codian Robotics BV