TD Pick & Place robots

Codian Robotics makes it possible with these unique robots.

The high speed and limited space solution

You face the challenge to shape a high speed application in a limited space or work envelope. The Codian Robotics TD Robots offers you opportunities!

ModelActionsPayloadRotation axisTilt axis
TD4-500-S0102 x 200 p/min2 kgR100R100
TD4-650-S0202 x 200 p/min3 kgR100R100
TD4-800-S0202 x 200 p/min3 kgR100R100
TD4-1100-S0202 x 180 p/min3 kgR100R100
TD4-1300-S0202 x 150 p/min3 kgR100R100
TD4-1300-S0402 x 100 p/min12 kgR201R201
TD4-1600-S0402 x 100 p/min12 kgR201R201
TD5-650-S020-R1002 x 150 p/min1,5 kgstandardstandard
TD5-800-S020-R1002 x 130 p/min1,5 kgstandardstandard
TD5-1100-S020-R1002 x 125 p/min1,5 kgstandardstandard
TD5-1300-S020-R1002 x 120 p/min1,5 kgstandardstandard
TD5-1300-S040-R2012 x 100 p/min12 kgstandardstandard
TD5-1600-S040-R2012 x 100 p/min8 kgstandardstandard


The combination of standardised costumization and the innovative solution of the TD Robots offers you multiple opportunities, a number of them you find below:
+ Very high numer of cycles per pick window
+ By positioning of the arms, two robots can be placed (close) together
+ TD4 can be equipped with a rotation axis or a tilt axis
+ Free of maintenance
+ Low Total Cost of Ownership
+ Protection IP65
+ Noiselevel <68 dB (A)
+ Lower arms made out of carbon or titanium

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