D5 Pick & Place robot

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Five dimensional delta robot

The Codian Robotics D5 robot is provided with the proven concept of two parallel axes. With one axis, the product is rotated while the other axis tilts the product at the same time.

ModelActionsPayloadWorking range
D5-650-S020-R100150 p/min1,5 kgØ 650 x 250 mm
D5-800-S020-R100130 p/min1,5 kgØ 800 x 250 mm
D5-1100-S020-R100125 p/min1,5 kgØ 1100 x 250 mm
D5-1300-S020-R100120 p/min1,5 kgØ 1300 x 250 mm
D5-1300-S040-R201100 p/min12 kgØ 1300 x 250 mm
D5-1600-S040-R20190 p/min6 kgØ 1600 x 350 mm


The benefits of the Codian Robotics standardized customization:
+ Suitable for all operating systems
+ Free of maintenance
+ The parallel axes can rotate and tilt simultaneously.
+ Versatile and accurate
+ Low Total Cost of Ownership
+ Protection IP 65
+ Noise level < 68 dB (A)
+ Lower arms made out of carbon or titanium

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