D4 Pick & Place robot

We are the manufacturer and supplier of the widest range of delta robots in the world.

The versatile Codian Robotics Delta robot

The versatile Pick & Place robot to optimize your application.

ModelActionsPayloadWorking rangeRotation axis
D4-500-S010200 p/min2 kgØ 500 x 155 mmoption
D4-500-S010 Demo200 p/min2 kgØ 500 x 155 mmoption
D4-650-S020200 p/min3 kgØ 650 x 270 mmoption
D4-800-S020200 p/min3 kgØ 800 x 250 mmoption
D4-1100-S020180 p/min3 kgØ 1100 x 250 mmoption
D4-1300-S020150 p/min3 kgØ 1300 x 250 mmoption
D4-1300-S040110 p/min20 kgØ 1300 x 300 mmoption
D4-1300-S050110 p/min35 kgØ 1300 x 300 mm65 Nm
D4-1300-S040L130 p/min10 kgØ 1300 x 300 mmoption
D4-1600-S040100 p/min12 kgØ 1600 x 350 mmoption
D4-1600-S050100 p/min20 kgØ 1600 x 350 mm65 Nm
D4-1600-S040L120 p/min8 kgØ 1600 x 350 mmoption


Your benefits of Codian Robotics standardized customization:
+ Suitable for all operating systems
+ Free of maintenance
+ Maximum versatility and accuracy
+ Low Total Cost of Ownership
+ Protection IP 65 and our HD robots are IP 69K
+ Noise level < 68 dB (A)
+ Lower arms made out of carbon or titanium

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