D2 Pick & Place robot

Codian Robotics is happy to help you and provide the most ideal robot. This is possible by our standardized customization.

Two dimensional Delta Robot

The Codian Robotics D2 robots come with two or three axes and are ideal for Pick & Place applictions in which high speeds are desired.
Our D2 robots are built with high quality parts.
The parallel kinematics design is clean and fast.

ModelActionsPayloadWorking rangeRotation axis
D2-500-S020250 p/min 3 kg500 x 175 mmoption
D2-800-S020200 p/min 3 kg800 x 225 mmoption
D2-1000-S03050 p/min 30 kg1000 x 342 mmoption
D2-1000-S06045 p/min100 kg1000 x 409option
D2-1000-TW03040 p/min 40 kg1000 x 342 mmno
D2-1500-S03045 p/min 35 kg1500 x 347 mmoption
D2-1500-S06030 p/min100 kg1500 x 430 mmoption
D2-1500-TW03045 p/min 35 kg1500 x 347 mmno


The benefits of standardized customization:
+ Suitable for all operating systems
+ Free of maintenance
+ Maximum stability and accuracy
+ Low Total Cost of Ownership
+ Protection IP 65
+ Noise level < 70 dB (A)
+ Lower arm made of carbon or stainless steel
+ Lower arms D2-500-2 and D2-800-2 available in titanium
+ D2-800-2 and D2-1000 can be used in hygienic applications
+ Robot entirely made of stainless steel available

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