Delta Robot

Delta Robot

A Delta Robot is an industrial robot. It is used in fast processes, such as cookie wrapping. The name Delta Robot comes from the shape of the robot. If you look at the robot from above, the motors are at an angle of 120ΒΊ to each other. The motors thus form a triangle, which is a Delta shape


Delta Robots are not yet widely known, they are used in very specific sectors. Due to this unfamiliarity, many possibilities are still unused. An advantage of this robot is that the mechanics are robust and sturdy. The robot is multifunctional and can therefore be used flexibly with a short turnover time.


A Delta Robot is an industrial robot, known for its high performance. De robot is the fastest industrial robot that exists. If you want to automate a production line or desire faster or more flexible production, this robot is an excellent choice. It can also be used for processing, positioning and moving all kinds of products. The Delta Robot from Codian Robotics is de best possible solution for automating production lines, where flexibility and speed are desired. The robot has so many more options than listed here. If the product can de approached from above and speed and flexibility are desired, then the Delta Robot is the best possible solution.


Characteristic of the Delta Robot from Codian Robotics is that this robot comes without motors or controls. The robot is built into the machine of the production line. This makes it easy to control via the control of the machine of which the robot is a part. Separate control for the robot is therefore unnecessary.

Maintenance of the Delta Robot

The Delta Robot is easy to use and has a high quality, so this robot from Codian Robotics requires little to no maintenance. In 2003 we started building the Delta Robot and now, in 2020, the customer wants to change a part for the first time. This robot has worked without problems for all these years.

Codian Robotics develops and produces these robots for many different application areas. Traditionally, they have been widely used to pack food. Today, there are plenty of other applications that take advantage of the speed they provide.

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