What are cookies? Cookies是什么?

Cookies are small, simple text files that are put on the hard drive of your computer when you visit a Web page. These cookies can ensure that your website visit will be optimized. For example, remembering your preferences to show only information that is of interest to you. Another advantage is that you do not have to report the same information to or enter when you visit a particular website. Cookies是被放在您的计算机的硬盘上,当您访问网页小的,简单的文本文件。这些Cookie可以确保您的网站的访问将得到优化。例如,记住你的喜好来显示它是您感兴趣的唯一信息。另一个好处是,你不必报告相同的信息或输入,当你访问某个网站。

Why do we inform you about the use of cookies? 为什么我们通知您关于使用Cookie?

On Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 the revised Telecommunications Act entered into force in the Netherlands. This also means that certain cookies may be placed only with the explicit permission of the internet. So we let you know that our website uses cookies and what the reason is. 周二,2012年6月5日修订电信法进入荷兰的力量。这也意味着,某些Cookie只可安插与互联网的明确许可。所以,我们让你知道,我们的网站使用cookies,什么原因。

Google Analytics 谷歌Analytics(分析)

Using cookies can also be tracked visitor statistics. We use Google Analytics to understand the behavior of visitors to our website. Based on these data, we gain insight into the surf- and visit behavior of our visitors, and we can, where possible, to optimize our website for you. The information that Google collects is anonymous as much as possible. Your IP address is not provided. 使用Cookie还可以追踪访客统计。我们使用谷歌分析,了解游客到我们的网站的行为。根据这些数据,我们深入了解了乘冲浪和访问我们的参观者的行为,我们可以在可能的情况,来优化我们的网站为您服务。 ,谷歌收集的信息是匿名尽可能。不提供您的IP地址。

Accept or decline cookies 接受或拒绝cookie

You can decide whether to accept or decline cookies. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies, but you can usually adjust the settings of your browser to refuse cookies. A browser and any computer you need to reset it. Instructions on changing the settings, refer to the “Help” on your browser: 你可以决定是否接受或拒绝Cookie。大多数浏览器最初都设置为接受Cookie,但通常可以调整您的浏览器的设置来拒绝cookies。浏览器,任何一台电脑,你需要重新设置。有关更改设置的说明,请参阅浏览器上的“帮助”

watch out 手表: It is possible that some features and services on our and other websites may not function properly if cookies are disabled in your browser 这可能是我们和其他网站的一些功能和服务可能无法正常工作,如果cookie是在您的浏览器禁用.

More information on cookies? 对cookie的详细信息?

What are cookies for? 什么是cookie?