What can you use a robot by Codian Robotics for? Well, as we experience you can use it for all fast applications. So basically, if you need speed, you choose a Delta robot. What robot is the best suitable option for you? All depends on your application. You can choose from over 101 different models. Although we have the worlds widest portfolio of Delta robots, we still introduce new possibilities on regular basis. So please contact us to help you define your best possible solution.

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Looking for a solution for processing, stacking, positioning or something we do not mention on this page? Please contact us, we like a challenge. Let us help you with an out-of-the-box approach. We think in solutions so contact us with your ideas.

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Picking & Placing bottles or fast repositioning shrink wrapped bottles? This and more is possible with the fast Delta robot by Codian Robotics.

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Pharmaceuticals is an industry where automation does have an added value in the production process.

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Picking & Placing, repositioning, pushing and twisting. It’s all possible with the robots made by Codian Robotics.

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End-of-line packaging is a process that often demands high payload solutions, speed and flexibility.

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Both dry and wet food can be successfully manipulated with robots manufactured by Codian Robotics. For Pick & Place applications Delta robots are used frequently.

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In general electronics are a composition of small and tiny parts. You want to automate your assembly process and are looking for a high speed solution.

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Hygiene is the most important issue when you talk about protein food. We offer you a fully Hygienic Design (HD) IP69K.

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If you can imagine it, you can do it. Can you imagine apple picking and sorting, fully automated? Harvesting crops, out in the open field?

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Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.