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Delta Robots

The Codian Robotics Delta robot is your solution in fast moving applications. We have the widest portfolio so you will find the best possible robot for your application.
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Delta robots excluding Control

To operate the Codian Robotics Delta robot, you do not need a dedicated control. Instead you can use the control of your machine to run the robot. All control system suppliers do have our robots in their library. Can you imagine the time and costs this saves you?
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For high speed applications

High speed and precision is why you choose a Codian Robotics Delta robot. As we offer so many different configurations, please contact us to help you choose the best possible solution for your application at
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Always the best possible solution

We are happy to help you to find the best possible solution. As we like to be your center of expertise, you can discuss your application with us and contact us for help and information any time. Besides our knowledge, we also offer you our Standardized Customization. We want to offer you the best suitable robot at standard costs.
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Industrial robotics for:

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About Codian Robotics

Codian Robotics is the leading innovator of Pick & Place robots. We are established in 2011 and proved to be the most important manufacturer of Delta robots. We develop and assemble the best possible Delta robots for your application.

Codian Robotics offers over 85 different configurations and above that it is also possible to use the Standardized Customization we offer; the possibility to customize your robot out of our standardized parts.

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"Our robots are compact, easy to clean and maintenance free, thanks to years of experience and research."

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